I see a charge on my credit card even though I was told that my order failed. Did you take my money?

No. What you are seeing is a “hold” placed upon your account by your bank. It will expire within five business days and your money will be available again.

Please DO NOT attempt to place another order unless you've corrected your billing information.

(If you would like to know more, please read below.)

When you place an order with us, we must send what is called an authorization request to your credit card company. This request includes the amount of your order as well as your billing information which you provided during the checkout process.

This is only a request for authorization; not a charge against your credit card.

What does an Authorization Request do?

After receiving an authorization request your credit card company verifies that the card is valid and that the amount is available. They also verify the full billing information that you provided. If the credit card number is valid, and the amount of your order is available, they put an authorization hold on your money regardless of whether the billing address information is valid.

Why does my bank put a Hold on my money?

When your bank approves the request for authorization, they are by regulation; promising that money to the merchant (in this case, Accessories Palace). Because it is a promise which they are upheld to keep, they put a temporary lock (or hold) on that amount of money, in order to make sure that it is not spent. It will depend on your banks policies as to when the hold will be released.

Why do you request an authorization even after my order fails?

Due to the archaic manner in which the credit card networks and banks function, we must place an authorization request with your bank in order to verify that the billing information which was provided is correct.

Therefore, it is only after requesting an authorization that we are told if the information provided matches the credit card. Also due to the archaic nature of the credit card networks and banks, there is no way for us to reverse such a request. Meaning that if the information for your credit card does not match, and we must refuse the transaction, we are not able to tell your bank.

When will my money become available again?

Depending on the policies of your bank, it could take up to 10 business days before the hold on your money is lifted.

If you have tried more than once to process your order through our system and are unable to, you may contact us and we can inquire to our system as to why your order was not accepted.