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Terms & Merchandise Warranties

  • Minimum order is $75.00.
  • Phone and Fax Orders are subject to 5% service fee of the overall order total.
  • There is no warranty on merchandise sold to your customers.
  • There is no warranty on dozen pack merchandise.
  • Dozen pack merchandise that has manufacturing defects1 will be exchanged for credit.
  • To report a manufacturing defect, email us with your order number, the item number, and the nature of the defect.
    Our email address is cs@accessoriespalace.com
  • Merchandise that has damage should be handled as shipping damage. Follow the Returns / Damages Policy.
    All merchandise is examined for damages before packaging and shipment prior to leaving the warehouse.
  • If you have a credit, please include a reminder note for us when placing your next order.
  • We may ask for the defective merchandise to be returned. If so, additional instructions will be provided to you at that time.
  • Dozen pack items will have minor breakage occasionally in transit (one or two items). Please do not make claims on this type of damages. The amount of time and paperwork we spent processing these type of damages has a direct impact on our ability to keep costs low for you.
  • We reserve the right to refuse future shipment and sales to anyone who make claims of this nature.


1Manufacturing Defect: Frailty or shortcoming in a product resulting from a departure from its design specifications during production.